Live Event Sales

On‐Site Experience - Dreamer Media maintains a core team of merchandising professionals skilled in the conceptualizing, planning and execution of viable retail solutions in some of the most challenging and non­‐traditional environments. The experience culled in the execution of thousands of events “on the road” for nearly 20 years, has provided the Dreamer Media staff with the creativity, know-­how and the unique ability to visualize, plan and adapt. In every case, the build out of temporary retail merchandising sites are dependent on our ability to realize the needs of our clients within their budget and deadlines, but to also serve the bottom line which is to sell their branded goods. We subscribe to the motto of, “If you build it, they will come”.

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment - Dreamer Media owns or has access to the materials and fixtures to build in nearly any setting from the outside in.

  • Metal Grid – Hundreds of pieces to create internal walls, display areas. Includes all fixtures, hooks, shelves and attachments
  • Lighting – various fixtures for overall illumination
  • Tables and table cloths
  • Retail Counters – Point of sale counters with glass display tops
  • Table Top Displays – CD and book racks, trinket turntables, pin boards
  • Retail Rack Fixtures – two-­way, four-­way, waterfall and circular hanger racks including hangers
  • Custom Modular Merchandise Display System (Gilrack)
  • Flat Screen Video Displays
  • Complete signage capability
  • Price tags and stickering
  • Cellular credit card machines
  • Wireless iPhone and iPad credit card transactions
  • Retail “Shopkeep” cash registers