Retail & Licensing

Dreamer Media maintains a wide-­net approach in constantly making all of the properties that we represent available to different levels of retail and licensing.

  • In-­house wholesale distribution – Dreamer Media actively solicits retail orders internally through our Nashville operations and outside sales network. Catering more to the "mom and pop" brick and mortar retailers, but also to the various online retailers such as Rockabilia and Amazon.

  • Mid-­tier and Mass – Dreamer Media clients' licensed product is made available and sold via our representative partners to various retail outlets such as Urban Outfitters, Old Navy, Hot Topic, Macy's and other popular retailers.

  • Licensing – Dreamer Media consistently presents its style guide to various manufacturers and retailers within and outside of the traditional clothing retailers. The BETN brand specifically lends itself to other licensing opportunities. As the representative of the BETN, Dreamer Media brings those opportunities to the table for full approval of all terms different from those established.