Live Event Sales

On‐Site Experience - Dreamer Media maintains a core team of merchandising professionals skilled in the conceptualizing, planning and execution of viable retail solutions in some of the most challenging and non­‐traditional environments. The experience culled in the execution of thousands of events “on the road” for nearly 20 years, has provided the Dreamer Media staff with the creativity, know-­how and the unique ability to visualize, plan and adapt. In every case, the build out of temporary retail merchandising sites are dependent on our ability to realize the needs of our clients within their budget and deadlines, but to also serve the bottom line which is to sell their branded goods. We subscribe to the motto of, “If you build it, they will come”.

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment - Dreamer Media owns or has access to the materials and fixtures to build in nearly any setting from the outside in.

  • Metal Grid – Hundreds of pieces to create internal walls, display areas. Includes all fixtures, hooks, shelves and attachments
  • Lighting – various fixtures for overall illumination
  • Tables and table cloths
  • Retail Counters – Point of sale counters with glass display tops
  • Table Top Displays – CD and book racks, trinket turntables, pin boards
  • Retail Rack Fixtures – two-­way, four-­way, waterfall and circular hanger racks including hangers
  • Custom Modular Merchandise Display System (Gilrack)
  • Flat Screen Video Displays
  • Complete signage capability
  • Price tags and stickering
  • Cellular credit card machines
  • Wireless iPhone and iPad credit card transactions
  • Retail “Shopkeep” cash registers


Systems Powered by NetSuite

For the past eight years, Dreamer Media has utilized NetSuite Cloud based applications for overall accounting activities including inventory control, purchasing and online merchandising.

  • Advanced Customizable Ecommerce Solution with multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-store capability
  • Real-time Reporting for Webstore, Inventory, Order Management and Sales
  • Automated Processes to Improve Accuracy, Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access to Your Online Business
  • Deliver the Same Web Store Experience across Any Currency, Any Sales Channel, and Any Mobile Device
  • More about Netsuite

Financial Accountability

  • Credit card data on our DREAMER Media e-­commerce platform is protected with PCI Level I compliance. The system provides an SAS 70 type II audit report prepared and audited by a Big Four audit firm.
  • Our system accepts credit card transactions on our webstore and are approved by the bank in real-­time. The system is fully compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. Multiple levels of fraud protection including AVS (Address Verification System), verifying that the shopper entered the correct billing address and CVV2 (Card Verification Value), the 3 or 4 digit security code ensuring the shopper has the physical card.

Systems Interfacing

  • Our system allows for customer and financial data to be exported in Excel, PDF and CSV formats.
  • The system functionality allows for clients to read and write to its own data files as well as allowing access via approved application programming. However, to date we have not had occasion to make this functionality available. Would have to discuss.
  • The system supports cookies, however we have not applied that functionality to third-­party applications.


  • Order fulfillment takes place in our 10,000 sq ft facility in Nashville, TN where 95% of our overall saleable stock is located. Organized in a clean, orderly bin system within our warehouse, we are built for efficiency.
  • Our physical fulfillment solution is fully integrated with our shopping cart and shipping application.
  • Orders are picked and packed accordingly with all standard shipping materials including proper boxes, cushioning materials, inner packaging, poster tubes and sleeves, etc.
  • Shipping labels and tracking information are fully integrated in the ordering and shipping process for easy order status info and tracking.
  • Orders placed online prior to 4pm CST are generally shipped within 48 hrs.

VIP Experience

Meet & Greet Opportunities

Dreamer Media has executed hundreds of VIP Experiences - ranging to a back stage experience, to a soundcheck with a personal photo and Meet & Greet. Our experience has fine tuned the process to make it run smoothly from our integrated gift certificates, to contact with the customer, to follow up for photo assets. We also work smoothly with third party vendors and ticketing solutions.

Retail & Licensing

Dreamer Media maintains a wide-­net approach in constantly making all of the properties that we represent available to different levels of retail and licensing.

  • In-­house wholesale distribution – Dreamer Media actively solicits retail orders internally through our Nashville operations and outside sales network. Catering more to the "mom and pop" brick and mortar retailers, but also to the various online retailers such as Rockabilia and Amazon.

  • Mid-­tier and Mass – Dreamer Media clients' licensed product is made available and sold via our representative partners to various retail outlets such as Urban Outfitters, Old Navy, Hot Topic, Macy's and other popular retailers.

  • Licensing – Dreamer Media consistently presents its style guide to various manufacturers and retailers within and outside of the traditional clothing retailers. The BETN brand specifically lends itself to other licensing opportunities. As the representative of the BETN, Dreamer Media brings those opportunities to the table for full approval of all terms different from those established.

Supply Deals

Dreamer Media can work with bands of any size. If you are not ready for a full fledged merch deal, but still need t-shirts to sell, we can help! We offer competitive pricing on printing and e-commerce fulfillment. We have access to thousands of vendors and can help customize a product line that fits any level of your band's needs. We have an in-house art team that can help in the design process, or we can work with your art assets. Contact us for more information - and ask about any specials we may be running!


With all the changes in the music industry and label support, many bands count on merchandise revenue for their touring expenses. Dreamer Media can advance earnings on future sales for bands from club tours to arenas.